Maine Coast team at SEA 2016

Success in exporting live lobster

Lobster exports from Maine are up 113% YTD. What does this mean for Maine Coast and the lobster industry?

Maine Coast booth at SEA 2016

Success at Seafood Expo Asia in 2016

York-based Maine Coast just returned from Seafood Expo Asia, where business is booming. To date, the company has surpassed its 2015 annual sales to Asia.

Sustainably harvested – before it was cool

Many of the regulations used today to manage the Maine lobster industry have existed for over 100 years, resulting in one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world.

New shell lobster

New Shell Lobster – The Time is Now

New shell lobster season is not a season like baseball or striper fishing. While the peak harvest does coincide with those great summer and fall pastimes (and might we add, lobster goes really well with watching your favorite team!), the Maine new shell season is not a season based around opening or closing.

GM Peter Kendall drops crates of live lobster into the new tanks

Maine Coast celebrates grand opening of Boston Facility

Maine Coast’s live lobster sales are growing 25 to 50 percent annually, Adams said, with about 60 percent sold internationally and 40 percent sold domestically.

Tom Adams, Maine Coast live lobster facility in York, Maine

How an ex-dockworker turned his passion for lobster into a $40 million business

After getting a taste of life as a dockworker when he was a teenager, Tom Adams was hooked on the lobster business.